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There has been some excellent work done to make layer effects to aid in the making of icons that match the Enyo style. As I do not at this time have access to PhotoShop I was wondering if anyone knew how it make similar styles for GIMP?


  • As far as I know PSD files can be loaded in GIMP. Not sure how well it deals with layers/channels/etc. but you should be able to at least open them for editing.
  • GIMP opens the subyacent PDF that Photoshop stores in the file, so probably the styles will be screwed (if shown at all).
  • I have tried opening the Onyx-Graphical-Assets psd in GIMP and all that shows up are solid white and black shapes, no gradient and no glow effects.
  • Yes PSD's with layers/channels/advanced features almost never come out good in GIMP. We need GIMP versions. I only use GIMP since I can't afford Photoshop.
  • I'd suggest paint.net as a nice paint program that deals well with layers, but that's only on Windows and doesn't handle PSD files natively, although the plugin at http://psdplugin.codeplex.com/ does claim to help with that.
  • If I get time this weekend I will try (my damndest) to port the PSDs that I created over to GIMP. I'll post back when I upload them to github.
  • Update: I have tried to work within GIMP but it is quite different to Photoshop, and also has no layer styles as standard. So overall, I'm not having much luck.

    I have however, updated my original repo (https://github.com/isandunk/Onyx-Graphical-Assets) with an added style for lighter application environments (like the original webOS 3.0.x email client). @pempy , if it's something generic you'd like, then I'm willing to create it and add it to my repo and send you the relevant (transparent) PNGs. Let me know.
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