Cannot build enyojs app into Samsung Tizen TV

Hi all,

i using enyojs to develop a HTML5 Webapp for tizen smarttv, but i cannot build app to real samsung tv from IDE, it show error:
"An internal error occurred during: "Launching clip.tv_html5".
Java heap space"

Can you help me solve it. Thank you so much.


  • I think this would be best posted to Samsung developer forums ( If you believe it to be caused by the Enyo framework, we'll need quite a bit more information. We don't (afaik!) have access to any Samsung smart TVs to investigate it ourselves. You might start by creating the smallest possible Enyo app and if it builds correctly, incrementally add features until the error occurs.
  • thanks @theryanjduffy , i think due to after pack code, source.js file have 47k line code, so when read this file not enought memory to execute it.
  • If it's a single file issue, you might try building the enyo libs (enyo, moonstone, enyo-ilib, spotlight, layout) into separate files and load them individually in the index.html.
  • Hi @theryanjduffy , after enyo pack i see enyo libs in separate file (as image), and source file very big file, how to split source.js to multi small file?
  • I seem to be confusing enyo2 and next gen work!

    You might try production mode (enyo pack -P) to invoke the minifier. This will, by default, bundle everything (HTML, JS, CSS) into index.html. If you find it has trouble with a single file that size, you can prevent inlining JS and CSS (enyo pack -P --no-inline-js --no-inline-css).

    If all that fails, you could try adding lazy-loading to your app to further minimize the initially loading resources. However, if it can't handle the minified version at all due to memory, I'm suspicious that it will be able to accommodate the app once it loads the parts later.
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