Announcing the Enyo Community Gallery!

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Check out the new Enyo Community Gallery! Here you can find widgets, libraries, and other open source add-ons that the community has created. Oh, and the gallery itself is written in Enyo, too. How meta is that?

The gallery already features some of our favorite components, like Ryan Watkins' menu pane controls and the progress controls developed by Jeremy Thomas on the Enyo Developer Relations team.

The instructions for how to submit your own component to the gallery are in the readme file here.

PS: This initial release is all about discovery and getting all the community components in one place, and still needs core functionality like search and categorization. If you're interested in improving the gallery itself, we're accepting pull requests!


  • Great to see it up and running!

    Is that the system for info updates to the components too - fork and pull request, or contact someone thats curating the listing?
  • pull requests are the way -- we've already processed several from developers and the site is deployed using github so when we merge, the new data goes live
  • Thanks, this is a great start !

    What if you are not yet providing code but have some idea or a request for some widgets/lib?
    Is the github gallery Issues tab a good to put Enhancement Request for new widgets/libs ?

    E.g. I wanted a RichText editor widget , or a confirmation dialog
    Where to bring up these ideas and discuss solutions for them?
  • If you want something, just post a new topic here on the forums in the appropriate category, Enyo 1 or 2, maybe with WANTED in the topic. Filing issues on the gallery should only be done if there's a code problem with the gallery app.
  • I have a Enyo 1 kind that wraps CKEditor. It works on iOS, not tested on webOS (I suppose it fails, because makes use of iframe):

    CKEditor kind on Twitpic

    The issue to share it is that it lacks of a proper properties implementation, but I can test it on Enyo2, onyx-ize it and put it on a repo, if license allows it (I haven't checked).
  • Fyi: the gallery search box doesn't show up right on the default android 4 browser in portrait mode. It winds up under the list itself. Looks fine in landscape. I know most people will look at this on a desktop computer so it's no big deal. Just thought I'd point it out.
  • good news!!!
  • We're already up to 18 items in the gallery, and I think we'll likely hit 20 today. Thanks so much to our awesome developers for making components and submitting them.
  • So, we just added a small change to the gallery. The index.html page now has a noscript-tag enclosed area listing all the controls. This is for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes, since Google and other engines don't run JavaScript when crawling a page.

    If you submit a pull request, try to also update the index.html file too. I've added notes to the README on the gallery github page.
  • Another change made over the weekend -- we're now showing the gallery in reverse order from the JSON file. Please try to add your new controls to the bottom of the JSON file, and they'll show up first when people see the gallery.
  • It was a good run, while it lasted. :)
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    @unwiredben Forget it.
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