Enyojs 2.7 and Cordova


I'm trying to find some good reading on how to get EnyoJS 2.7 working together with Apache Cordova.

To me it is not clear if the old tutorials will still work for the newer EnyoJS.

any hints are greatly appreciated



  • Doesn't appear that enyo-cordova has been completely updated to support enyo-dev and the 2.7 conventions.

    @JayCanuck - Any insight into what it would take to get it up and running (assuming the cordova side is still viable)?
  • Yea, Cordova 3 and greater have a basic level of built-in support for webOS, via the webOS SDK's ares-tools, independent of app framework used. Following the standard project environment setup on Cordova's webpages should be enough to support webOS.

    See https://cordova.apache.org/docs/en/latest/guide/cli/

    You should be able to add webOS via:
    cordova platform add webos --save

    However as of Enyo 2.7, direct Cordova support was depreciated and enyo-cordova library is not recommended. Higher level Enyo integration (for example specifically using ./dist of a project for the cordova www) can be accomplished by symlinking ./dist as the www directory or custom user hooks.
  • I've looked at the old 2.5 enyo integration, that seems doable to port.

    I'm not looking for webos support though, I want to build a android app from my enyo codebase
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