Possibility of creating best practices example app for Enyo 2.7 and Loopback

I want to entertain the possibility of paying (or chipping in with others) for the creation of an open source best practices Enyo 2.7 application focused on integrating Enyo with Loopback. It would need to address authentication, dealing with related data, and local storage syncing. It would also need to be viable for legacy webOS and luneOS. I find the current examples of backend interaction seriously lacking for 2.7 and want to see if there is some way that a more robust example could be created. I was thinking that it might provide the most impact to attack an existing Loopback example, see: Enyo Loopback SDK? and More 2.7 data examples please, but I am also open to other ideas. My direct email is already published on our website, so I don't see any problem including it here - [email protected] - but I'd also like replies to this thread if folks have ideas, input, money to pony-up, etc. If there are any existing examples of connecting Enyo 2.7 to multiple API endpoints (wouldn't need to be Loopback specifically) and dealing with committing related data that I have somehow missed or that anyone is willing to share, that might be enough for me and might avoid this (probably too expensive for me) project.


  • I'm currently using couch pouch. Would i need to kmow and use this loopback thing?
  • Hi @chrislo7 , Thanks for responding.
    The project I'm working on involves an existing mysql db and I've chosen loopback for it's rest API framework and loopback-datasource-juggler ORM that has builtin connectors for both RDBMSs and nosql dbs like mongodb. I think shifting to mongo or couch would simplify my development, but would be a poor fit for the types of data and the reporting I want to run on that data.
    I would be very happy to see any nicely organized Enyo 2.7 apps that connect to REST APIs, but I'm only exploring funding development if the project hits the specifics of:
    • loopback (with mysql connector)
    • legacy webOS / luneOS
    • more than 2 levels of related data
    • legacy webOS / luneOS localstorage
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