Ares 3

any info about this?

i'm willing to invest into enyo and ares. how can we get the community going?

how about a new UI to replace onyx?


  • Me and Aaron Rosenzweig have started a community version here

    I have pushed most of my work on MY Ares there and still putter with more.
    All the help you can give is welcome. I will get Aron to email you

  • Hi everyone!

    I had a nice video chat with Chris Lo. I learned how he was using Enyo for a custom application he is developing. He really likes what Enyo offers but is generally concerned about the future. "graynorton" teased the community with an "Ares 3" that sounded like it was in the works but we've heard very little about it. Will LG be releasing a version of Ares that works with new releases of Enyo? If not, why not?

    Personally I had the good fortune to spend the entire week developing with Ares and Enyo. This was the first time I've been able to do this. I got the green light to attempt a new project using these technologies and my client's jaw dropped. I can say with authority that this environment is even better than I had expected. As a WO (WebObjects) developer and Smalltalker, I could easily grok what was going on and bend Enyo to my will. I was empowered, effective, and productive. Like wielding a relic destined for my use.

    That's all high level but to peel the onion a bit... I didn't like how onyx.DatePicker had no "null" state. It always defaulted to "now" when you provided a null value. So I created a new "kind" and inherited from the onyx.DatePicker. I re-implemented four methods and *boom* a new date picker that has a null state. It was awesome.

    Steve Orvell, if you are reading this, please contact me. From the bottom of my heart thank you for the seed (Opus-JS) that sprouted into a treasure. I want to talk about this way of developing software with the person who invented it. Would you do me that honor?
  • Dudes! What is the fate of Ares 3? Could someone share with us? Anybody using a visual IDE at LG? If not, why not?
  • There is no active work for Ares 3 right now and no current plans to release an updated version of Ares with Enyo 2.7 or our next generation product. I've heard of interest in a visual IDE as Gray mentioned before but not enough to outweigh our other priorities.
  • I think there was no Ares3 code shared with the public. Is there anything that is shareable to build upon ? Or are we better off to build upon Ares2 only?
  • There is no Ares 3 to share. There was some UI/UX work done but there is nothing built upon the latest version of Enyo.
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