designerFrame.js - enyo 2.6 / 2.7

We need some insightful help from someone who is willing to look over my shoulders via screen-sharing. We need another pair of eyes if we are going to awaken Ares to work with the latest Enyo releases.

Microtech and I have made some real headway with Enyo 2.6 with a modified boot and updated Reader.js - It now renders in the Deimos interface designer. That said, we're not ready to make a new release of Ares - read on...

SIGNIFICANT changes in the way Enyo builds HTML and renders it on the fly is currently preventing the user from using the "highlight." That's the bit that shows up with a draggable resize-handle when you click on an element in the designer. Ares is hard wired to expect the old way of rendering and falls flat with the new way.

Anyone ready to give me a push where I really need it?
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