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I've done a little research and found other frameworks that promise HTML 5 cross platform development (jQuery-mobile, Sencha Touch 2, etc.). And I've seen one comment on here saying one may want to use Sencha Touch with Enyo. So my question is this: what are the differentiating elements of Enyo 1 and 2 over what is out there already?

Also, a related question: PhoneGap provides services implmented on many different platforms. Does Enyo 1 or 2 provide these same services? And where would it be beneficial to use Enyo over PhoneGap APIs?


  • No, there's no much overlap between Enyo and PhoneGap -- PhoneGap's library is mainly about accessing device features, while Enyo is concerned with your application's structure and providing controls and layout support for use in rendering it's user interface.

    As for differentiation between Enyo and other libraries, as we finish fleshing out Enyo 2, we'll be working on that documentation. I think the biggest thing is that Enyo provides a very good model for building and using components and is oriented around applications rather than just websites.
  • Yes, I would say Enyo is more focused around apps instead of websites, although I've seen a couple of nice examples of Enyo being used for a website or a web app.

    I think you just need to look at the apps made with Enyo and the apps made with Sencha Touch and other frameworks to look at the difference.
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