LeftRightArranger bug or feature?


There is a very old 'issue' with the LeftRightArranger for panels.

It can be reproduced in the new sampler app as well.

If you only have 2 panels ( 0 and 1 ), the arranging happens not the way you expect it.
Suddenly panel (1) slides to the left underneath panel (0) where you would expect it to slide to the right.
Add a extra panel (2) and everything behaves as expected.

this issue is in there since 2.5 ( I can't find the JIRA though )



  • That's distressing! Sounds like a bug. If you find the root cause, a pull request is always appreciated!
  • So I've been investigating this one a bit.

    The panels seem to slide in a carousel in one direction, which is causing the problems when just 2 are there.

    I've played around with the code to react differently on 2 panel, but so far did not reach the objective.

    I for one do not understand why the panels are always redistributed to have the current panel as center
  • yes this bug has been around for ages.
    i noticed also.
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