Bootplate archives

I experimented with updating "ide.json" for Ares to give users more choices in what bootplate to utilize when they start a new project.

What is the status of this destination?:

I see up to Enyo v2.5.1.1 but I do not see v2.7 there. Is that something worth adding?

I added Enyo v. to "ide.json" and let Ares create a new project. It did it but then when I tried viewing source and activating the visual drag-n-drop editor (Deimos) I immediately got this error when I hovered over the button to activate it:

TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'o')

So as I had heard, Ares cannot even open the visual editor for newer versions of Enyo above 2.3.x - so I'll need to figure what is going on there at some point but for now we cannot use newer bootplates with Ares.
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