Ares v2.13 prebuilt download and Ares Ecosystem

The version of Ares you can install with npm is stuck at v2.11 and that won't work with newer versions of node.

I've packaged Ares v2.13 which has a number of fixes including removing aforementioned limitation. You can grab it here:

Thank you to the teams at Palm, HP, and LG along with the community at large for making the most compelling solution for web development. I rejoice in the fact that you somehow found away to make everything open source. You are under intense pressure and interests that swing over time (like TV sets now). Decisions were made out of the best of intensions but somehow, the entire ecosystem you created has fallen.

...Deimos rising...

Ares should be the poster child of what you can do with Enyo, but for two years it was broken. Casual observers gave up trying to get it to go. I gave a presentation in Hamburg last year and several people told me they gave up trying to get Ares working on their machine.

Git submodules are perhaps one reason Ares was abandoned:

While the "external repo" is appealing, it led to the feeling that Ares was a distant cousin. An afterthought. When in reality Ares was the birth of Enyo. It was the re-thinking of OpusJS into Ares v1.0 for Mojo applications that opened our eyes. It made us say "I like the way we built Ares better than building apps with Mojo." It's what led to taking the scaffolding out of Ares that into what we dubbed "Enyo" and then rebuilding Ares with this framework.

The other reason Ares was abandoned is that you need to get things done for the new televisions at LG, no matter what, that's the bottom line, that's what is making you money. If other things like the flagship IDE had to falter, so be it. I get it, really, there comes a point where you have to make things work. I know LG has their own "Ares v3" focused for TV apps but it is not available for the community to use, it is closed sourced. When you must move fast or miss deadlines, you do what you must, you made hard decisions.

For me, I'd love to make the greatest apps possible on the phone and desktop. I also like the idea of doing it for TV but that is secondary. It would be great if Onyx could natively do great things for the TV but it doesn't, that's why we have Moonstone. It would be great if Ares v2.0 worked with Moonstone, but it doesn't. Not at this moment.

This is why I'm dusting off Ares v2.0 and dubbing it the "Ares Ecosystem" - it's like a lost relic from the time of Atlantis. It's been waiting. Ares / Enyo / Deimos / Phobos - when you release the dogs of war you need them all working together.


  • Thank you for making an update to Ares that brings it up-to-date with Node. If you have a pull request, please submit it. We would like the community to step up and own Ares, if they see value in it.
  • Thanks Roy. There were three nice pull requests that are over 2 years old for Ares from micro-tech.

    I wanted to do I direct fork and be able to ask for pull requests... but outside of seeing the outstanding pull requests linger for years... I didn't see how on a technical level a direct fork can be done. (read on)

    As I noted above, I have a different opinion about "submodules" when all the pieces are so related to each other. It really all should be one project without submodules for the following reasons:

    1) Complexity of using submodules correctly is "mental friction" without benefit.

    2) Teams working on items like the core Enyo totally forget about Ares when they are so disconnected - that's why Enyo 2.4 and above won't open up in Deimos (the graphical part of Ares).

    3) It is so much easier to fix both Enyo and Ares and make one atomic commit when the need arises.
  • Aaron - thank you so much for picking this up !

    Best posting of the year in this forum ! Thanks.
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