Panels and Grids, how to configure my APP?

Hi everyone,

These days I have been working with Enyo, and there is a doubt I have. At the moment, I am developing an APP with different screens. When reading the Enyo docs I did not find any reference about routes management.

Because of that I was thinking about using panels to manage the different views and the fittable rows/columns to define the layout of each view. However, while starting working with panels I have seen some things that make me think that panels are not designed for that.

My main doubt if is I am doing it correct or there is another way to manage different page views. The other doubt is if it is possible to remove from a panel all the headers and additional elements, being just a div that contains a view defined by myself and that scrolls when I change the index in the panel group.

Thank you for your time and help :D


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