Ares - JIRA? - where to report issues?


I tried to find JIRA for Ares to report a bug. I followed this link:

This appears to be outdated, I got the link from here:

What is the best way to report issues?

Right now when I try to open the Ares designer on one of my JS files I get this error:

Unable to render kind 'Viewer':Can't find variable: enyoConstructor

here is the stack trace:

kind [email protected]

[email protected]


  • I solved this issue.

    The error message was a red herring.

    The real issue is that one of my components was created as the kind "Component" but if I changed it to "enyo.Control" the error went away.

    I guess if Ares only understands how to render certain "kinds" and if you give it something it doesn't understand, it throws errors like what we have here.
  • Glad you figured it out! You can just go to the main Enyo Jira to file new issues.

    Select 'Ares' as the component.
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