Which version of enyo to use?

I am struggling to learn how to use webOS for LG smartTV so I thought I would learn enyo first. But I find people using all different versions of enyo (sort of like the python v2 and v3 mess but worse) I have seen v2.2, 2.4,2.5,2.6 and now 2.7. I know I could read the release notes to grok the diffs but was hoping on illumination from another human or bot.


  • You can safely ignore all versions below 2.6. And, unless you are creating a core application for the TV, you can ignore that version as well.

    We recommend that you focus on Enyo 2.7 for creating apps. It is the currently released public version of Enyo. There are quite a few changes between 2.7 and the last publicly released version (2.5). Most importantly is the addition of modules.

    As you are new to Enyo, I strongly recommend focusing on 2.7 and do not worry too much about the differences between 2.7 and the older versions. Read the 2.7 public release post if you want to know about the features included with it.
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