Setting the App Title.

Is there anyway to set the app title, in pre 2.7 I could set the app title in the index.html, now that seems to be auto generated, and I'm not sure where it is getting the text that it uses for the title now.

Also even thou i've added a favicon.ico file in the root directory of the app, it does not seem to be using it, in the web browser.


  • The title can be set using the -t 'New Title' option on the command line to enyo pack or via the title flag in your .enyoconfig.

    Re: favicon, I'm guessing you need to add it to your assets to have it copied over
  • Title option worked, great, but the favicon.ico still does not work even if added to the assets. Not a major issue.
  • I added:
      "assets": [
    to my package.json and was able to copy it into dist.
  • The file is in the dist directory, just does not seem to be used when viewing in a browser, just getting the generic piece of paper icon, this is using chrome. using 'serve dist'.
  • Looking at the index.html from 2.5 project and 2.7 project, the

    2.5 project has

    in the >head> section and the 2.7 ones does not,

    so I would guess there is something missing from the template used to generate the index.html in 2.7

  • ah, you may have to include a custom index template to add the header.

    Here's the default template you can copy and customize for your project
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    This is also an issue with the serve command. It does not serve custom favicon.ico files from the app directory and instead serves its own icon.
  • Thanks for that, i'll try on my real web server.
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