Lazy Loading: request is not a function


I read through the lazy loading documentation on the developer guide. When I try to implement it the browser gives me the error "request is not a function". What do I need to do to get the request function?


  • The request function should be available within any module packaged with the enyo-dev tools. Are you trying to access it from a module or from outside (e.g. the console or another script)?
  • To follow on with this, enyo tries to prevent adding request() to the global scope (except when using one of the sites like jsFiddle). If you want to access it outside of a module (like from the console), call it from the enyo object. e.g.: enyo.request()
  • I was accessing it from a module. Not sure what I changed in my code, but the function is found now. I must have had some other syntax error in my file. Thank you for your help.
  • Glad it's working!
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