Any way to run other tool after build by enyo pack --watch ?

I need to run palm-package and adb push after a build by enyo pack. I can write my own script that runs enyo pack then those tools, but then I can't take advantage of enyo pack --watch.

Is there a way to tell enyo pack --watch to run another script after each build it does?


  • There aren't any hooks available at this time. watch uses chokidar to monitor file changes and kick off the packager. There's not a lot going on otherwise so you could either write your own watcher for enyo or alter the existing watcher script to address your needs.

    It might help to know that Packager emits an 'end' event when it's complete so you listen for that and the kick off any post processing.
  • If you do want to write your own packager it is helpful to know that you can load enyo-dev as an npm module from your own node scripts. Then, you can just call the package function in response to file system changes and then perform your other actions.,
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