Should I use Enyo 2.7 for a new project?

I'm normally a C++ developer, but I've been asked to develop a web based app at work. I used Enyo 1 for some side projects back in the TouchPad days, so my first thought was to use Enyo for this project. I really enjoyed using Enyo 1, and I wouldn't have to learn it from scratch, so that's a big plus. I am peripherally aware of stuff like React and Angular, but I would basically be starting from scratch with them, and with any other libraries I'd need along the way.

It sounds like Enyo 2.7 is a pretty major release, with the new build tools, etc. On the other hand, the future sounds a bit uncertain, and there won't be any more major releases of Enyo 2. Does anybody have opinions on whether you would/wouldn't start a project using Enyo right now?



  • I would consider it, at least a quick prototype to be sure.

    I've been using Enyo for a really long time now and through the changes that have led up to 2.7, so I have a lot more experience and bias since I work with these chuckleheads :wink:

    My personal opinion on the change in build tools is that it is a net positive and it is a lot easier to make new Enyo projects from scratch (dupliforking is dead, long live dupliforking!). The thing about future uncertainty is that it's always pretty darn uncertain, but as long as you encapsulate your app's components effectively, you can make changing to another framework be less of a hassle later.

    I find myself a React n00b, as well, so I can at least offer that I was able to feel dangerous enough with it to make moderately complex component interactions within a few days, and the bulk of that time was spent trying to get all the bits and pieces of webpack/babel/etc working.

    I still haven't looked at Angular, so I can offer you nothing for that one, sorry :smiley:
  • Thanks! I did end up going with Enyo, at least to start. This project has enough other stuff for me to come up to speed on that I didn't want to add learning a new UI framework to the list as well.
  • Can anyone other than a moderator respond to this question? This is a good question.
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