enyo-dev - use own index.html (--template-index)

Hello, I would like to ask how one can use own index.html.
-t, --template-index does not seem to work.
Steps to reproduce (enyo-dev version 1.0.0 - create project, pack, try to reuse generated index.html):

enyo init myproject -t onyx-app
enyo pack -D --clean
cp dist/index.html src/index-my.html
rm -rf dist/
enyo pack -D -t ./src/index-my.html --clean

21:17:53.305Z FATAL enyo-dev: A fatal error has been encountered, please use "trace" logging for more information on this issue

The -l trace does not seem to provide any more information


  • The template must be compatible with the Jade templating language so the build is failing when trying to compile the regular HTML. Looks like we need better logging around that process so I'll open a ticket for that.

    The default template is bundled with enyo-dev but you can grab the source from GitHub.
  • Hello. Thank you, using Jade syntax works.

    I think it would be good if documentation (README for enyo-dev) is updated with this information as well + plus some description which variables are available inside the template and their relation to `.enyoconfig` or `enyo pack` command line.
  • Pull requests are always welcomed!
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