Moonstone popup autocloses

For login for my app, I'm putting up a moon.Popup with username and password fields and a submit button when the app first loads. This is a popup that the user should not be able to close, and as such, I've set the following properties:

floating: true, autoDismiss: false, scrim: true, modal: true, spotlightModal: true, showCloseButton: false,

However, if the user does not focus on a field (ie one of the textboxes) within 10 seconds, the popup auto-dismisses. I've taken a quick look through the code and can't see anywhere in moon.Popup where the popup would auto-dismiss (especially since I've set it as modal and spotlightModal), and it is not mentioned in the documentation.

Is there something that I'm missing?


  • Is there something else in your app that is working off timers. I'm not aware of anything in Moonstone that operates off a timer this way. Perhaps share more of your code (create a plnkr or jsfiddle).
  • I think that it was the way that I had things structured. I had a moon.VideoPlayer with moon.Panels over top of it, but I wasn't hiding the video player when I showed the Popup, so I think that the transitions were just triggering weird, and that the popup never actually closed, but was just displayed off-screen.

    I did ultimately sort it out, but I'm not sure *exactly* what fixed it.
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