Issue with: jQuery = require('jquery')

Hi all,

I use highcharts in some of my apps and with Enyo 2.7 have come across the following issue. I define

var jQuery = require('jquery'), highcharts = require('highcharts');

in my MainView.js. When using it like this, jQuery(chart).highcharts({...}) I get the error "jQuery(...).highcharts is not a function". When I remove jQuery = require('jquery') and add

"headScripts": [ "lib/jquery/dist/jquery.js" ],

to .enyoconfig it works. It would appear as if require with jQuery does not work, or I'm doing something wrong. :)




  • From looking at highchart's source, it will only install as a plugin when jQuery is installed globally and I'm guessing when you require('jquery') that doesn't add jQuery to the global scope so the plugin never attaches.
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