Enyo 2.7 (reduced) platform support

In the Enyo 2.7 Public Release Update, it was mentioned that as of version 2.7 some browser-support would cease. Specifically:
Note that we will be dropping support for 'non-evergreen' desktop browsers. Basically, this means dropping support for IE < 11. Significantly, IE 8 is no longer supported.
When comparing the original browser support (archived here on march 31st 2016) to the current browser support, you see that it has changed drastically....and not only for desktop browsers (let alone IE/Edge).

Is the new document - that shows support only for the big two mobile OS's and has no tier 2 support - accurate, and is this the direction Enyo is taking? - I understand that broad and niche support takes a lot of time, but I also think it it part of the heart of Enyo. And cutting it out (especially this rigorous in a big but minor version update) feels wrong to me. So...what's happening here? - And what can we expect for the future?


  • I appreciate your frustration here. If you've invested your time into a product for one of those niche platforms, you want to know that it will continue to work. I'll say that while we make specific effort to remove IE8 support code to simplify where possible, most of the other platforms should continue to work as they do today. What this really means is that we will only be testing framework updates on the supported platforms.

    Moving forward, we're investing a lot of our time in what our next generation framework looks like. You can read more about that on the Enyo blog. I expect the support matrix to look much the same: targeting the most recent mobile and desktop browser versions on the leading platforms along with LG products like our Smart TVs (shameless plug!).

    We'll continue to support the current generation of Enyo with additional maintenance releases as necessary. However, as an open source project, we welcome fixes from the community on your platform of choice. I'd love to see passionate developers continue to make Enyo work on as broad of a platform set as possible -- provided it doesn't impede our ability to deliver the highest possible quality product for our primary platforms.

    I hope that answers your questions but please let me know if I can clarify further!
  • Thanks for the info.
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