Enyo 2.7.0 Released

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Those of you who've been paying attention should know by now that we've been working on polishing up the 2.7.0 public release. I'm happy to announce that your days of waiting are over. Enyo 2.7.0 has hit the streets. Its little brother enyo-dev has also reached its 1.0.0 milestone and is available on npm. In fact, getting started with 2.7 is as easy as doing:
npm install -g enyo-dev
enyo init MyNewProject
You'll probably want to check out the new templates that are available in enyo-dev. A simple

enyo templates list

will do the trick.

Kick the tires, take it for a spin and let us know what you think.

You can find out some more information in our release announcement and our change log.

I also suggest reading this blog post for an important announcement about our next-generation plans.

Note: You should be using a fairly recent version of Node (at least 4.0 or greater). Be sure to update before you install enyo-dev (or reinstall enyo-dev afterwards).
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