Having issue with Router and render

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I am new to Enyo and trying to do mobile web application with router and multiple pages, It is not actually a single page application but we want to maintain different header and footer and content in different pages , so we tried with multiple enyo application. It is working as expected but the issue is i can see multiple times of rendering the page where its configured in the router. I am not able to find out . Please help me to fix this issue.

I am using enyo

Here is my app.js.
	name: "myapp.Application",
	kind: "enyo.Application",
	view: "myapp.MainView",
	components :[
	 			name: 'router',
	 			kind: 'enyo.Router',
	 			routes: [
	 				{path: 'next', handler: 'nextPage'}
	 			publish: true
 nextPage : function(){
      // new myapp.MainView1().renderInto(document.body);
 	new myapp.Application1();
	name: "myapp.Application1",
	kind: "enyo.Application",
	view: "myapp.MainView1",	
enyo.ready(function () {
	new myapp.Application({name: "app"});
here whenever i click the "Tap me" in the Mainview , it will load the MainView1. but i can see multiple time the Mainview1 is rendering ,it keeps incrementing 3 times every tap.


  • Any one can help me to resolve this issue?
  • Short answer: Don't do that. It's rendering multiple times (as mentioned on StackOverflow), because you're creating new applications multiple times for each set of events.
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    You probably don't want to use enyo.Application to manage the sub-apps. You can just use regular controls and render them into your main Application as needed (by setting them as the view).
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