Slow scroll animation

I have build a scroller strategy based on kind ‘moon.ScrollStrategy’. It was all going well until I have it taken to the TV for some tests. The sroll animation gets really really slow. I have tested with the original moon.scroller and the behavior it’s the same. The problem is that I need to animate in old LG Smart TV’s. The one I have is webOs 1.4.
In my analysis, I’m suspecting that its related to the amount of JS executed by the enyo.Animator.
I’m thinking of doing a pure css transform and removing all js call during animation.

Any suggestions or ideas?


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    A slightly change of scenario:
    All I needed to do now is to perform a scroll in the grids with a specific animation duration. So in this case, the change relates to 400ms and with low animation rate. Let’s say I just want the full animation to have 3 or 4 frames.

    My final goal is to have a poor animation compatible with low performance devices.

    Any ideas?
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