Include new scripts folder


I am having some difficulties in order to include in the app a new Scripts folder.
I have in the root of my app a folder called Scripts that I want to include in the solution and in the build process.
So far, I have added to the root file deploy.json the reference to the folder in libs prop. That resulted in something like this:
"enyo": "./enyo",
"packagejs": "./package.js",
"assets": [ "./icon.png", "./index.html", "./assets", "./source/style/images", "./lib/moonstone/fonts/moonstone.ttf" ],
"libs": ["./Scripts", "./lib/layout" ]

I have also added to the Scripts folder the file package.js with the reference to de script files and a deploy.json with this content:
"packagejs": "package.js",
"libs": []

What am I missing?


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