Enyo 2.7.0 Public Release Update

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We’ve had a lot of inquiries about where things are going with Enyo and what the plans are for the next public release. Here's an update...

For the last nine months, we have been focused on a major Enyo update (Enyo 2.6) to support LG product releases. The most significant feature in Enyo 2.6 is a shift from our proprietary package loader (and its package.js manifest) to a CommonJS-style module system. The new system lets Enyo developers create highly optimized application builds, containing only the framework and application modules that are actually utilized in the app. As you would expect, this results in smaller file sizes and faster launch times. To speed things up even more, modules that aren't required at launch can easily be factored out and loaded later.

With Enyo 2.6 now released internally, we are coming up for air and planning our work for the year ahead. Among the first things on our agenda is to prepare a public release of the new modular Enyo and the associated tools. For our own version-control sanity, we'll call the public release Enyo 2.7, since we will have to produce a series of internal, product-driven 2.6.x releases in parallel. Enyo 2.7 will differ from Enyo 2.6 mainly in the form of a bunch of cleanup, doc updates and cross-platform testing, work that is currently underway. We hope to get Enyo 2.7 out the door in the first quarter of this year.

In the meantime (if you don't mind the rough edges), you're welcome to kick the tires on the upcoming release:

* To see what's changed at the source level, take a look at the 2.6.0-dev branch in each of our repos. (We created this release branch to minimize churn and confusion for any developers who may have been tracking the master branch, since the transition to CommonJS-style modules touched every file in the framework and required the use of a new tool chain).

* Read the latest documentation -- still a work in progress -- here.

* Visit this JSFiddle to try out nightly builds from the 2.6.0-dev branch.

* If you want to dive in headfirst, you can grab the new enyo-dev tools and create a project to experiment with. These draft docs -- First Steps With Enyo and Creating and Building and App with Enyo 2.7 -- should help you get started. Please keep in mind that more work will be done before the public release and some things (particularly some of the enyo-dev options) may change.

* If you want to get an idea what converting an app to 2.7 would look like, we have this conversion guide. However, we don't recommend converting existing apps until the actual release.

Note that we will be dropping support for 'non-evergreen' desktop browsers. Basically, this means dropping support for IE < 11. Significantly, IE 8 is no longer supported.

We welcome your questions and feedback as we push towards our public release.
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