DataGridList paging issue

edited November 2015 in Enyo 2.4

Using enyojs 2.3.0 (LG WebOS SDK for webos 1.3)

I've got a DataGridList defined in the following way:
{kind:"moon.DataGridList", name:"ImageList", classes:"moon-20v", minWidth: 200, minHeight:320, fixedChildSize:200, components:[
    {kind:"WebVideo.GridImageItem", ontap:"ImageListElementTapped"}
The gridlist is size of the full screen.
Bindings are the following:
    {from:".ImageListItems", to: ".$.ImageList.collection"}
On creation, i add a listener of paging events in the following way:
My collection is REST driven. Collection returns 40 elements per "page", which are video items. They are laid out on the screen in 8 items per row (vertical scrolling), with approximately 2.5 rows visible on the screen.

I have the code to handle paging, however i don't seem to get any paging events.
(breakpoint on the _imageListPaging is not hit).

When i resize the screen (debug browser window) to be of a small size (600x800 or so), i get the paging events while scrolling.

Question is - how do i "tell" the datagridlist the size of my page, so i get the "paging" event when scroll to 50-60% of the collection length


  • I havn't used moonstone in awhile, but with the normal DataGridList, the paging events seem to fire every time a new page is setup.

    Have you tried to use the enyo.DataGridList to see if that fires the paging events?

    If you could get a simple jsfiddle working, i'd be willing to debug a bit.
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