Console.log output while playing videos

Hi all,

I have to implement a video player plugin, so I tested the lib/moonstone/samples/Sample.html?All#VideoPlayerInlineSample , and I changed only the src property.

First, I change it to a fly video:

src: "assets/videos/video-01.flv"
Error outputs are:

GET http://localhost/OokaiPanorama/lib/moonstone/resources/ilibmanifest.json 404 (Not Found) xhr.js:83

GET http://localhost/OokaiPanorama/lib/moonstone/resources/strings.json 404 (Not Found) xhr.js:83

GET http://localhost/OokaiPanorama/lib/moonstone/resources/de/strings.json 404 (Not Found) xhr.js:83

GET http://localhost/OokaiPanorama/lib/moonstone/resources/plurals.json 404 (Not Found) xhr.js:83

GET http://localhost/OokaiPanorama/lib/moonstone/resources/de/plurals.json 404 (Not Found)

Does enyo support flv player?

Second, I changed it to a mp4 video:
src: "assets/videos/history-wall.mp4",
The errors are as same as first attempt.

And I fount that, I can't event access the mp4 file via browser like: http://localhost/OokaiPanorama/assets/videos/history-wall.mp4

Error 403 Forbidden

That's weird, because that I can't find the .htaccess file.

Finally, I changed it to a mkv video:

This video can be played, but some errors are still outputted:

(5 times error) http://localhost/OokaiPanorama/enyo/source/ajax/xhr.js Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

Can someone explain this? Thank you!


  • Those errors are related to loading ilib resources and can be safely ignored. Also, Enyo has no opinion on the supported video codecs used, as far as I know. That is platform-dependent so where flv, mp4, or mk4 is supported is based on where the enyo app is running.
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