Bug report: Moonstone sampler

Sorry, I can't upload a image. Wenn I open moonstone/samples/samples.html on Safari/Chrome/Opera/IE, it shows only the dark scheme, and the float panel on top right isn't presented.

Only when I open it on Firefox, everything is all right.

I hope someone can fix it quickly or explain the reason. I must decide the framework for my next project. If Enyo can't solve this, I can't pick Enyo as the project basement, though Enyo is really cool.


  • Hi @zhy1378, the floating panel you are referring to should actually be hidden by default, and is in fact not behaving as intended in Firefox. If you hover in the upper right hand corner, within approximately 10 pixels from the top and the right sides, the menu will appear. The reason that this menu is so obscure is that we did not want this to interfere with the actual sample itself that is loaded. Let me know if this resolves the issue for you, and please let us know if you have more questions about Enyo!
  • @aarontam Thanks for reply.
    Yes, I find the upper right floating panel. But why is FF performs differently? Does Enyo has cross platform problems?
  • The Moonstone library is a TV UI library that supports WebKit-based TV engines, and so there may be some quirks with Firefox. Enyo is cross-platform and should not have issues with Firefox.
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