PhoneGap, WebOS, Enyo 2

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I'd like to understand things and some advice.

I'm the (proud and happy) owner of a Pre 3 and a TouchPad. I want to start developping apps with Enyo.

I understand that I can use Enyo 1 on my Pre 3 to develop and test. If I want to port it to Android or iOS or whatever I can use PhoneGap (any other suggestions?). Fine.

Now, any clue on doing the same for Enyo 2? PhoneGap is not an option on WebOS. No scrolling and I really don't feel like using stuff like iScroll, scaling problems on my Pre3 because of the screen resolution I guess.

Should I wait for Enyo 2 native on my Pre3? Should I use Enyo 1 yet and port when Enyo 2 will be available on Pre3? Will it be easy? Will it be worth it?

I think I got most of the answers from the FAQ and forum posts, but I'd like confirmation that I understand things well, and some advices.



  • Scrolling on webOS is always done by the framework. Using PhoneGap with Enyo 2 should work fine, you just have a enyo.Scroller around the parts that scroll.

    However, for best results right now, I'd use Enyo 1 and look at upgrading in a few months.
  • Thanks for the fast and clear answer.
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