enyo.AjaxSource not properly changing method on a model commit

The commit method of enyo.AjaxSource always sends the request as a "PUT" even if the model is "New". This appears to be a bug. Looking at the source code for the commit method of enyo.AjaxSource we see:
* Implementation of {@link enyo.Source.commit}.
* @see enyo.Source.commit
* @public
commit: function (model, opts) {
    opts.method = model.isNew? 'POST': 'PUT';
    opts.url = this.buildUrl(model, opts);
    opts.postBody = opts.postBody || model.toJSON();
The first line of the method opts.method = model.isNew? 'POST': 'PUT'; references model.isNew, however, this is not a property of enyo.Model. Since this will always return undefined in any implementation that does not add it, the opts.method will always be set to "PUT".


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