Cached computed properties

I'm in the process of migrating from enyo 2.4 to enyo I noticed the computed properties api has changed, and the documentation no longer speaks about the 'cached' option. Taking a quick look at the source it seems the new syntax has a "cached" property, but the 'getComputedValue' seems to always be checking the cache.

Are all computed properties cached by default? If so, maybe the docs could contain a note about this?


  • Yes, I believe everything is cached by default. Is there somewhere in the docs it talks about caching? Or, are you suggesting that we should probably document the options? :) Pull requests always appreciated.
  • It's not mentioned in the docs, probably because there is no separate option for it anymore. I don't think it needs to be part of the docs, but it would be nice to add to a migration guide if any such guide will be added to the docs (there is one on github, but its not included in the official docs).
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