enyo.Store missing

The documentation talks about an "enyo.Store" kind, but this kind is undefined. The kind is defined inside a closure and an 'enyo.store' instance is created, but the kind itself is kept private. As a result, I can now only create a new store using: var myStore = new enyo.store.ctor(); which seems kind of ugly.

I'd like to maintain the ability to create multiple stores, as they make great repositories.


  • Trying to track down more concretely why enyo.Store is private now. Can you share an example of how you're using Store instances to help me understand your design goal?
  • First reason for asking was that I simply ran into an error while upgrading from enyo 2.4 to where I created a new store instance to hold a particular type of model. The original code was written more than a year ago though and I think I remember there was a reason for it, but I have no idea what it was or if it is still a valid reason today.

    I have since noticed there are many, many other changes in the data layer, so I think it's best if I first get myself more acquainted with the new data layer so I can properly evaluate if there is an absolute need for multiple stores, if it's just a conceptual nice-to-have, or if there's absolutely no need for it.
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