Chinese Translation for newest enyodoc

Dear All,

I am translating enyodoc from English to Chinese.

I forked enyo-docs to

The first(not finished) documents in Chinese is here.

Is it possible to merge my Chinese version in enyo-docs master/developing branch in something like "zh-cn" folder?



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by aarontam

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  • How can I do for next step?
  • Ben, this looks great. We're reviewing how we want to integrate other languages into our docs. You can submit a pull request and we'll see how our tooling needs to change to produce the output.
  • Ben, we've been discussing this internally for a bit and we're trying to figure the best place to put this. It might be best, for now, if you host this information yourself. If we merge this in with the mainline docs it's a commitment that we're making to keep it up-to-date and we don't have anyone who could maintain that internally. We are still discussing it though and don't want to hold you up from using or working on the Chinese docs.
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