Using Enyo 2 with Intel XDK

The free multiplatform tool Intel XDK seems open to manage any kind of JavaScript Frameworks. So, is there any guy had tested the 'best' multiplatform framework with that tool ?
My objective... try to have only one packaging tool to deploy App on multiple Store.




  • I've only played with the Intel XDK a bit but the couple things I've tried (Chrome app and Crosswalk Android app) both worked without much hassle on a 2 year old Enyo app. So, I'd say it's promising. Please share back anything you find out as you try it out. If there are ways we can improve Enyo's compatibility, we'd like to know.
  • Thank you for your reply,

    My first step should be to have a 'Hello World' sample using Enyo 1.0 (preferred) or 2.5.x framework with the Intel XDK tool for a Chrome app and Crosswalk Android app...


  • I didn't try an Enyo 1 app so I can't say if they'd work out of the box. I'd guess there'd be a few incompatibilities with chrome's app policies but nothing that couldn't be overcome.
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