Drang and drop events

Hi team.
I have a problem with drop event. When I try drag one object above this one, the events don't trigger. I have registered the events, and with dragAvatar has success, but with html5 is failure.

How can I do that my box throws the event equal than dragAvatar?

Sorry for my english, but I am learnig yet.
my example here


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    Hi MAMISHO1,

    The issue seems to me that the enyo drag events are not quite the same as HTML5 drag and drop events, and in particular the enyo drag events do not combine well with the "draggable" attribute. Therefore, you should decide whether to use the enyo drag events, or html5 native events, for a particular use case. I have included a fiddle which uses either the enyo drag events, or html5 drag and drop events, based on the value of the 'native' property:


    The reason DragAvatar works is that the framework is changing the position of the avatar on every drag, as well as setting the 'cursor' property to 'move'.

    More detail here:

    "Drag and Drop events in Enyo aren't quite the same as native HTML5 drag and drop events"
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