filter collections in 2.5

My goal is to (again) have a DataRepeater displaying a list, with an input field on top, where the user can enter a term, and the list gets filtered on-the-fly - basically what AngularJS' tutorial step 3 accomplishes: Now that 2.5 is out, I visited the filtering again, but I am afraid I still don't get it, and I don't find any examples of its usage anywhere (aside from the unittest).

I tried to create a minimal example, comprised of a DataRepeater that shows a Collection filtered via a BucketFilter:

As long as the filter function is not defined, I get the complete list. However, once the active filter method is defined (in this case the function "startsWithB", commented out), an exception is thrown:
TypeError: is.on is not a function (in BucketFilter.js:202)


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