Feedback on updated Community Gallery

Hi all. Just wondering what you think of an updated Community Gallery concept I've been working on. You can view a demo at

What's new?
* Updated to use enyo 2.5.1
* Updated UI, of course - matches theme of enyojs website/docs, uses DataGridList to display components
* Support for categories

To do:
* Lots of code cleanup
* Fixing category / search input width/alignment
* Categorization of existing components
* ?Sort (by date, name, etc) function
* ?Cooler animation when clicking on control name and details show up... (any thoughts how to implement via CSS animations???)

If anyone can help with above To do list, would be greatly appreciated.

But most importantly, let me know what you think of updated version and if you think I should submit a pull request to enyojs team to implement it in real life...



  • Looking at it briefly on my android through chrome browser, it looks sweet. Though there may be a bug, when I scroll the list, sometimes it disappears, and when I try to scroll, it keeps scrolling the same items unless I flick it.
  • @chrisvanhooser‌ Hmm, can you check out the sampler DataGridList and see if the same thing happens? I think I've seen that before on certain devices but not sure why that's happening - maybe a bug in DataGridList?
  • Yeah, sampler does it to. When your slowly scrolling, when you lift your finger and do another scroll, it resets back to where the last scroll started
  • Anyone from the enyo team gonna check this out? would be a great upgrade to your webpage, even if it need a lil more work! At least let em know what should happen to move forward!
    Can't be that hard when someone your not paying for is doing most of the work.
  • Sorry for the late response, totally missed this! I like the homage to the DataGridList sample. :)@psarin, can you open a PR for this so we can check out the current code and/or move this forward? I like the fact that you can quickly switch between gallery items, and the overall UX. We should be able to slide-in the details panel, or something to that effect, but would need to see the current structure first. Would love to make updates to this collectively. Thanks!
  • Gonna make some tweaks this week and submit a PR against the branch in your fork.
  • Hey, I just ran into this thread. If you're still looking for some feedback, I could suggest a few small tweaks:

    - The header of the docs is a single solid color rather than a gradient. For consistency, I think a solid color would be nice.

    - The dropdown button on the categories menu is 2 px higher than the caption.

    - The grid items could use a little more padding.
  • Hi @psarin, I made a PR against your fork with a first-pass at some tweaks. I incorporated some of your todos as well as some of the feedback from @ruben_vreeken, but wasn't able to get to everything. Will progressively make more changes, but feel free to make tweaks as well:
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