enyo 2.5.1 release Missing functionality and best practices.

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Hello all,

First post here so bear with me if I do something a little wrong. I am currently the designer and maintainer of a fairly large enyo 2.2.0 application for my employer. This app was made when 2.2.0 came out so it has been performing for a while now.

My newest task is a new application and I find myself not wanting to stay 2 (3? it's hard to tell) major revisions behind on the enyo framework. The new features in 2.5.1 look very appealing. There is a small learning curve for some of the changes. Keep in mind I have NOT used 2.4.0. That being said I wish to bring our company's application layer up to enyo 2.5.1 but I find I have a bit of a problem.

The current API documentation (in it's new style) is for 2.5.1 as far as I can tell. The Developers Guide, however, is definitely not. A minor issue for some but with no real discussion on how to use many of the new features the curve gets steeper. The most difficult part and the major reason of this post: There is at least one feature that they API claims exists but in fact is not in (or not working) in the bootplate package available here: Onyx Bootplate ZIP or in the 2.5.1-release branch on GitHub.

The issue is discussed here: http://forums.enyojs.com/discussion/2273/enyo-2-5-model-parse and seems to have been handled in this pull request: https://github.com/enyojs/enyo/pull/944.

I apologize for the TLDR; I don't wish to offend anyone. When 2.5.1 was announced as released I was very excited. I thought it was a production ready release (hence the announcement).

Question 1: Why was this fix not back ported to either the downloadable package on enyojs.com or to the 2.5.1 release branch?

Question 2: What do people suggest I do as a best practice so that I can actually use the data layer of 2.5.1(in a production application) the way it is documented?

The reason I ask these is that I only see commits and merges being made to master (not sure which 2.5.3-pre it's on at the moment). If 2.5.1 is the current release I'm trying to figure out how/when it will be stable or if there are even plans to stabilize it.


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