Enyo 2.5.1 unable to fill collection from REST

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So i had the following code working quite nicely in 2.3 and now thought i can move the code to 2.5.1
Apart from other changes, i found the following breaking and i can't figure out what's wrong:

I have a collection which is filled from REST source like below:
enyo.kind({ name: "xxx.LoginData", kind: "enyo.Collection", source: "jsonp", create: function(inData) { this.inherited(arguments); this.set("login",inData.login); this.set("password",inData.password); }, getUrl: function() { return "https://xxx/api/json/login?login="+this.login+"&pass="+this.password; } });

In 2.5.1 it gives the following warning
enyo.Source.execute(): requested source(s) could not be found for xxx.LoginData.fetch()

Not sure what i'm doing wrong, but debug shows that enyo.sources is an empty array. Any hints?



  • Figured out. Or found a workaround. During create() function call i initialize source as new enyo.AjaxSource and that seems to help, however didn't see that anywhere in the documentation
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