Some feedback on the new documentation pages

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First of all, thanks for finally rolling out a new release. I'm loving the completeness of the documentation so far. I mean, there's a change-log, a real actual up-to-date change-log! That makes me very happy indeed.

Having said that, I do have some small nitpicks that might be easy to fix and would make the new docs even better:

- First of all, ya'll need a 'beer me' button so I can donate beer to anyone who took on the probably mind-numbingly boring task of updating the change-logs.

- Next, that baby blue is supernova bright! It kinda hurts the eyes and I'm having real trouble skimming through the lists on the Namespaces and Kinds pages as a result. If the blue color could be darkened some this would greatly improve legibility.

- Third, there is a toggler to show/hide private items. However, when the private items are shown, they are not visually distinguished from the public ones. It'd be nice if they could be visually different either by having another color, or by having a label, something like that.

- Finally, there change-logs are quite long and complicated. This is of course a good thing, because it means you improved many things and documented all of them. However it'd be really cool if there was a label or some other visual indicator to distinguish breaking changes from non-breaking changes.

Other than that, great work! I'm looking forward to making some room on our road-map to upgrade to v2.5.x


  • Glad I'm not the only one that thinks the new docs are eye-searingly bright! Luckily, I have Stylish (Chrome | FireFox), so I just made my own Dark Theme.
  • Thanks for the feedback! Docs are something that needed attention for a long time and we finally bit the bullet and got things cleaned up. There's certainly more we can do on the presentation side and we'll try to get that squared away. We'll roll out the changes over time and, of course, any doc issues that originate from the source can be fixed with a quick pull request. We'll see about whether we want to open up our doc tool and templates, which might make it easy for folks to contribute there, as well.
  • Oh, as to your third comment... The private methods do have the word 'private' in front of them in a lighter color than the public ones, do. And, in the sidebar, they have a lock next to them.
  • One breaking change that i have noticed was:

    UiComponent.resized() changed to UiComponent.resize()

    Didn't see it in the change log, but it was a function i used quite a bit
  • I kind of didn't like the blue either, but the contrast level is certainly better than it was in the old system.

    One thing I just ran across: enyo.Application is a type of enyo.ViewController that encapsulates a collection of ERROR: INVALID LINK FOR "

  • Can you put a link to Sampler in the menu?
  • @Roy, apart from the public/private text in front of methods. The private toggler also seems toggle some of the kinds themselves (such as enyo.FloatingLayer, for instance), rather than just their methods. It's those kinds that are not visually distinct.
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    @ruben_vreeken‌ Thanks for explaining. I think we can fix that!
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