Pagination in DataGridlist

I have used DataGridlist to display set of images.The images that are rendered are retrived and used in another panel.
Since DatagridList uses pagination it doesn't render all the objects.
is there any possible way to render all images at a time using datagridlist.
I should have used DataRepeater for it but gridview is important for me.


  • hai..thanks for the reply..
    The images that are rendered will not be used directly in the next panel. As per the application the user has the capability to write some text over images. The previews of the manipulated images has to be loaded in next panel.
    In the next panel we have to show all the previews that are available in a carousel.
    I have used jquery plugin for that in order to get that design correct for the carousel.
    That plug in has a property that we can load the rendered images directly by passing the objects of images.
    So, we cloned the images that are rendered and passed them to panel.
    Since the grid uses lazy loading all the images are not rendered at a time and so, not displayed in next panel.
    Currently I have used the pageSizeMultiplier property which solved the problem temporarily.

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