Kindle fire screen flicker

I have a user complaining about screen flicker on the kindle fire using my enyoJS app. I had been using enyo 2.3 and my kindle test device was also showing the issue. I believe the issue started after a kindle fireOS update sometime last month. I converted the app to use enyo 2.4 and it seemed to resolve the issue with the test device but the user is stating that he still has the problem.

Anyone else seeing this issue?


  • Flickering is only in a scroller kind that contains a div with html and only in vertical orientation. It seems in horizontal mode its fine.
  • I think there are multiple tricks to protect against flickering during scrolling. One is to make sure the element is gpu-accelerated (usually done by setting a 3d transform). Depending on the scroll strategy you're using this might already be the case.

    Strangely, the very act of using a 3d transform can also *induce* flickering.. (the world of rendering websites is full of... wonders... *cough*). In some cases, this can be resolved by setting: -webkit-backface-visibility: hidden;
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