Does enyo DOM events bubble up all the way up to the top most parent?

Hello. I just started learning Enyo a week ago. I've checked that DOM event 'tap' bubbles up by itself to its immediate parent. Does it bubble up to top most parent without mentioning 'this.bubble' ? This is my primary question.

Since I'm new to Enyo, I'm sure I'm doing a lot of bad coding. You can give in some suggestions

This is my app structure. I have 3 components in mainView which is FittableRows
1. Toolbar with icon and text
2. A panels holder which holds panels which holds fit 'true'
3. iOS like bottom menu bar which in turn is made of 5 menubar items


1. When clicking on a specific menubar item, it sends out a signal and the panels holder catches it and fires setIndex which changes the panels. At this point I have 5 panels for 5 menuBar items

2. When clicking on a menubar item, I've written 'tap' handler for the whole menubar and waterfall it down to menuBarItem,
which applies a class only to the menubar item tapped which indicates that it is the active menubar item.

3. Also the top Toolbar catches the signal mentioned at point 1 and changes the text from the menubar item.

At this point I want to add a new feature to this,
In the second panel, I wrote a button. On clicking this button, I have to switch to another leaflet map Panel while still retaining the top Toolbar and bottom menuBar.

I'm thinking of this approach,
Mention another leaflet map panel in the panels holder and on tap of the button in second panel, setIndex() to the leafletmap panel.

While doing this, when I tap on the button, it is bubbled up to second panel without explicitly mentioning. Does it also bubble up to panels holder, which is second panel's parent? Because I want to setIndex() on the panels holder .

Sorry for the dumb question. I just started Enyo a week ago. I guess you guys can include some more examples with your documentation which can help a newbie like me learn more quick. Thanks a lot. I'm also attaching some screenshots of the app which should give a better idea.



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