Building Data-Driven Apps documentation

The doc assumes ajax has been loaded as a source in Sources
The docs need to mention how to initialize the ajax source: enyo.AjaxSource.create({name: 'ajax'}); and in custom source examples:{mysource: "MySource"}); should be MySource.create({name: 'mysource'});

I found a syntax error in creating-source-subkinds
opts.callbackName: "kallback" should be opts.callbackName = "kallback";

Outdated variable mentioned in specifying-a-source
defaultSource should be source

API documentation is not true in Model.getUrl
Currently Model.getUrl() isn't implemented. Model.getUrl() needs an implementation possibly like this to be true:
getUrl: function () {
    var url = this.url;
    var objId = this.get(this.primaryKey)
    if (!(objId === undefined)) {
        if (this.url.charAt(this.url.length - 1) != '/') {
            url += '/';
        url += objId;
    return url;


  • Thanks for the doc feedback! Some of those are wrong because the docs are based on 2.4.x and the current head of Enyo is the 2.5.x branch. When we push out our updated docs, most of these will be addressed.
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