Simulate home button press

edited September 2014 in Enyo 2.4
Using moonstone 2.4.X on the emulator.

I have an exit button, I would like to exit the application when pressed ,similar to what happens when the uses presses the home key on the TRCU (traditional remote control unit).

How do I go about doing this ?

I've tried the following ;
{kind: "moon.Button", name: "exitButton", ontap : "exitAction", spotlight: true,classes: "menu-button-style"}
Option 1

 exitAction : function(){
        var event = new Event('popstate');
        if(history.length > 0){
           for(var i =0;i


Option 2
   exitAction : function(){
        if(history.length > 0){
           for(var i =0;i
These work fine in the browser but NOT in the emulator.


  • This question might be better suited for the LG forum since application is being developed for the LG TV. With that said,if you guys have any ideas, they are more than welcomed.
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