enyo 2.5

Is enyo 2.5 (latest builds) stable enough for use? Or would you recommend waiting a bit more...



  • How are you currently using Enyo? We've made quite a few updates to the data layer and will have enhanced documentation for it later, so if you're comfortable with figuring out some of it on your own right now, then I don't believe we're going to be making any significant changes to it before 2.5 (final) is released. I would take it for a spin if that sounds good to you - this should be the same migration work you'll have to do when eventually upgrading to 2.5 - otherwise I'd hold on for updated docs and samples.
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    Have been using 2.4.

    But I'm planning to use 2.5 for a new-ish project so not much conversion needed. I noticed several things in latest.sampler.com don't work and that's why I was asking...

    And, now the dreaded question: any potential release date? :)
  • Interesting! Do you have more specifics on items not working in the latest sampler? We have some pending issues but it'd be helpful to know if there are other, major issues not on this list.

    I'll try to get back to you on a release date. :)
  • Hmm, tried it out again today and the things that were broken the other day seem to be working fine now.

    One thing I still see is:

    1. got to Enyo core > UI
    2. Tap on one item, notice it is selected
    3. Tap on a second item, notice it doesn't show selection state (though it does load the correct right side panel).
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    Thanks for pointing that out - we're actually in the middle of fixing that right now. :)

    Edit: http://enyojs.com/sampler/latest/ should be back to normal now!
  • Can you point me to any place with a quick overview of changes? Or quickly let me know how to change from 2.4 MVC to 2.5 MVC with regards to source definition and addition to store (i.e., enyo.store.addSources is no longer present).
  • I wrote up the changes I found that the docs needed in discussion 2222.
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