Two buttons, one spotlights the other doesn't ...!

I have a screen (actually a kind) on my webos TV app UI that hosts several buttons, a vertical scroller hosting a repeater and a video player.

The buttons are all moonstone buttons, and when I use pointer mode on the emulator they all highlight when pointed at and get focus and react to click etc.

However, when I use the remote, more than half the buttons are unreachable ... including two adjacent buttons, where the left one (style: "position: fixed; top : 30px; left:1350px") spotlights and the right one (style: "position: fixed; top : 30px; left:1650px") doesn't !

If I comment out the left one the right one then spotlights !!!

This behaviour occurs whether or not I specify spotlight:true on each button ...

Any help appreciated ...?


  • Further info!

    Swapped the order of the buttons and the right button now works and the left doesn't
    It seems that the only button that works is the first one listed in the 'kind' ...
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