Why does enyo.DataList render several times a control that is supposed to be rendered only once.

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Hi, I have a little problem using enyo.DataList. My app has a datalist with vertical orientation that for each model in it's collection renders two controls the first is shown only when the item is selected (let's call this first one the optionsbutton) and the other is always meant to be rendered (lets call it Line). The way the datalist knows when to render the options button is specified in the bindings, something like this: {from: ".model.focus", to: ".opsbutton.showing"}, as you can see when ever the focus attribute of each model changes, also does the opsbutton's showing attribute, when one new item is added to the list I set the focus attribute of the item that had the focus to false if it existed so the focus is only on the last item added, also when an item is selected by tapping it I set the previous model that had focus to false then I set true the focus of the just selected item. This works fine until the datalist grows up to five pages, when this limit is reached every page has about 6 items with the opsbutton rendered. I don't know why is this happening, can anyone help me to solve this?.
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